Which of the 7 Kinds of Jobs That Reflect Christ Do You Have?

February 1, 2013 — 1 Comment


Sometimes we are tempted to lust to escape from a sense of meaninglessness about our lives. In the end, the work we do at our jobs will be destroyed and there will be nothing to show for it. Sometimes that even happens within a week of completing a project.

We work and work and work. And what do we have to show for it except another paycheck? Couldn’t there be a way to still have a paycheck but actually leave a mark on this earth?

Perhaps the problem isn’t your job. Maybe it is just your perspective.

Consider this. There are only seven kinds of jobs in the world and all of them reflect Christ in some direct way. And if you are made to reflect Christ, then what could be more meaningful than that?

Take a look at the list of seven jobs and see where your current job fits best. Most likely there will be some overlap.

1. Prophet

A prophet is someone who speaks for God. Sometimes they predict things that will happen but most of the time they tell people the will of God for their lives.

In the job world, a prophet is someone who speaks on behalf of an idea, organization, or person. They are the PR reps, lawyers, teachers, professors, HR reps, and etc. Anyone who tells one group of people what an idea or organization or person has to say.

Jesus is the ultimate prophet. He always only said the words that the Father gave him. He perfectly represented the will of God to the people around him. If it were not for him the people would not know the Father.

Are you a prophet? If it weren’t for you in your job, who would the people you speak to not know?

2. Priest

A priest is someone who represents the people before God. There is often overlap between prophet and priest. I.e. Moses and Samuel.

In the job world, a priest is the person who speaks on behalf of the people to an organization, person, or spokesperson. They are the statisticians, market research personnel, agents, HR reps, and etc.

Jesus is the ultimate priest. He not only represented the people before God but took on their punishment as if he was the people. Without Jesus, God could not hear the needs of his people.

Are you a priest? If it weren’t for you in your job, what people would not be heard by an organization, person, or spokesperson?

3. King (Shepherd)

A king is a ruler of an independent state. He decides policy; envisions the future of the state and how to get there; manages the state’s relationship to other states; ensures the well-being of the people; and commands the army that guards against any threats.

I include shepherd here because the roles are very similar in that shepherds oversee a flock, provide for their needs, and protect from danger. However, shepherds can be caring for sheep that are not their own and they tend to have more direct, personal relationship to their “subjects.”

In the job world, kings are the CEO’s, Presidents, Principals, etc. Shepherds are babysitters, teachers, asset/investment managers, etc.

Jesus is the ultimate king. He is the king of creation, the king of kings, your own personal Lord, and the Lord of his people, the Church.

He is the ultimate shepherd. He cares for the people God gave to him. He has a direct personal relationship to each of his sheep and sees to each and every one of their needs.

Are you a king in your job? Are you a shepherd?

4. Servant

A servant is someone who tends to the needs of their master. They bring them things they need and take away things they don’t. Where there is chaos in their master’s realm they bring order. And when there is peace they maintain it.

In the job world, a servant’s master can be a boss, organization, client, customer, or himself. They are the retail clerks, administrative assistants, personal assistants, fisherman, truck drivers, etc. If it wasn’t for servants, the policies or will of the kings would never be carried out.

Jesus is the ultimate servant. He brought us our greatest need and took away our greatest un-need. In his service to God, he brought true peace by humbling himself and carrying out the father’s work even to death on the cross.

Are you a servant in your job? If it wasn’t for you, would the king’s decrees be carried out?

5. Savior

A savior is someone who rescues someone else from danger.

In the job world, this can be anyone who resolves a problem for someone else. These are the service technicians, firefighters, EMTs, police officers, consultants, exterminators, etc.

Jesus is the ultimate savior. Well, you know…

Are you a savior in your job? If it wasn’t for you, who would still be in danger (or have a problem keeping them from their work)?

6. Judge

A judge is someone who decides whether or not someone’s deeds are worthy of reward or punishment or continuation.

In the job world, this can be anyone who has to form an opinion about something based on certain criteria. These are inspectors, managers, critics, teachers, reviewers, auditors, etc.

Jesus is the ultimate judge. He condemns the lukewarm and the self-righteous. But he also rewards the faithful.

Are you a judge in your job? Does your opinion decide the fate of someone or their work?

7. Creator

A creator is someone who combines various raw materials into something new.

In the job world, this can be anyone who forms something out of pieces of other things. These are designers, architects, engineers, writers, etc.

Jesus is the ultimate creator. He not only took raw materials and made them into the earth, animals, and people but he also made the raw materials themselves. Not only that, but through his death and resurrection he has made his people into a new creation.

Are you a creator in your job? Do you form things that otherwise would not exist?


In the next post I’ll talk about how this perspective on your job can give you a sense of purpose and thus reduce your desire to numb yourself with lust.

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