How to Apply the Eight Truths About Your Body Every Day

December 7, 2012 — Leave a comment

This is the final post for the body series. Below are the eight little known truths restated and one application point for each that you can start doing today (click the titles to read the post for each truth in a new page/tab so you can stay on this one as a reference):

Both your body and soul are being sanctified

Application for today: Set goals that will work toward the sanctification of both body and soul.

Do you need to get more sleep? Do you need to eat healthier? Do you need to meditate on God’s word more so that your body is not so wound tight? Do you need to have a sabbath-like day of spiritually restful activities (don’t be inactive, but do things that are restful)?

Essentially, look at your life and find things that could be obstacles to your growth as a tree bearing the Fruit of the Spirit.

You are a body/soul unity

Application for today: Use your body to change your soul and your soul to change your body.

Perhaps start fasting once a week as a picture to yourself of your spiritual hunger for God. Try never to partake of food without thinking about how the way that it nourishes your body is the way that the word can nourish your soul. In other words, try to do things with your body that remind your soul of the Gospel.

Search your soul for unresolved tension between you and God and wrestle it out with him. Don’t just read scripture but meditate on it. Turn it over in your head one phrase at a time until you can’t think of any more questions to ask of it. Always look for more and more things to be thankful for.

Everything God does is for the good of your body, not just your soul

Application for today: Ask for wisdom and understanding to see what you need to learn from your current bodily circumstances.

Is your sex life frustratingly poor right now? Do your current circumstances make you wish that you sometimes didn’t have certain things about your body (urges, eyes, hands, etc.)? The struggles you are facing today with your body are part of it’s sanctifying strengthening for tomorrow. Ask God what you should be learning from the struggles today. Lean on him.

Your body is not the enemy

Application for today: Don’t fight your body and its urges, fight to redirect them under your new nature.

When you’re tempted to lust your heart rate goes up and your breathing shortens. Your body is under stress. First, try to slow down your breathing and slow down your thoughts. Then instead of seeking comfort from lust find comfort in God through good things he has given you: exercise, community, food, recreation, storytelling (movies/books), or meditation.

Receive those things with thankfulness and an eye to worship God through them so you don’t just shift your idolatry to those things.

Your body and soul are mixed up in the battle of sin nature vs. spiritual nature.

Application for today: Get to know what the Bible teaches about the the things that are above.

Do you know what heaven is going to be like? Do you know what the community in heaven will be like? When you read the Bible daily, look for things that clue you in to what life on the new earth in your new body will be like. You’ll be surprised how many passages have clues in them.

The body is not for sexual immorality but for the Lord

Application for today: Take every thought captive, interrogate them to find the beliefs they’re working for.

Thoughts are always based on a belief or set of beliefs. Even something as insignificant as, “I’m hungry.” You’re believing that the sensation in your stomach is due to a lack of food. But sometimes it could actually just be thirst or gas or anxiety.

Today, be watchful for thoughts that do not glorify God and then examine them to find the underlying belief. Then, attack that belief with an aspect of the Gospel.

The body glorifies God in sex through symbolism (among other ways)

Application for today: Focus on building up the things in your marriage that sex symbolizes.

Focus on building unity, safe vulnerability, intimate exclusivity, and pleasant differences between you and your spouse.

Sex is both an expression of the relationship and a means of uniting the relationship. If your focus is on a holistic unity then sex will increase as an expression and a unifier.

A wife has authority over her husband’s entire earthly existence

Application for today: Ask your wife what you could be doing more of to please her and less of to not displease her.

Ask her what you could be doing to make her feel more loved. Ask her what things you do during the day that she really wishes you wouldn’t do. Make sure to remind yourself before asking that you are seeking to do what Christ does for you, give of himself to serve his bride.

Remember, the point is not to add to the list of “How to Be a Good Christian.” That’s not what this is about. You are already a good Christian when you simply let Jesus be your righteousness on your behalf. This list of applications is about growing in your relationship with God and your wife. Focus on the relationships. Know that it is God working in you to accomplish miraculous growth in you through the Spirit.