How “The Body is for the Lord” is a Little Known Truth

November 28, 2012 — 3 Comments


[This post is part of a series covering eight little known theological truths about the Christian’s body]

The idea that “your body is for the Lord” is not a little known truth.

If you’ve been a Christian for nearly any length of time, you’ve heard that you belong to him. You’ve been told that whether you eat or drink, do everything for the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31). You’ve been told that you were made in his image and are a temple of his Spirit. You know you are to be his hands and feet in this world.

But there’s at least two ways that aspects of this truth are not well known in the Christian community:

First, because we were raised in a culture that taught evolution and body-soul dualism instead of unity, we have a narrow view of what it means that our body is for the Lord.

The effects of evolution

Evolution may or may not be the means by which God wrote and performed the song of creation, but as it has been taught in schools it has twisted our view of our body. Every documentary, every science book, every anatomy class, talks about why animals are certain ways because of their need to survive in a world where only the fittest survive.

While Christians know that our hearts were designed to worship God. We tend to have a different view of our bodies as designed to survive. We have hands and feet so that we can work and eat. We have intelligence and communication so we can outsmart any catastrophic threat that comes our way. We have sex so we can procreate and cope with a stressful life.

The truth is God’s command to go and serve and love is not just what he wants us to do with our feet and hands and hearts; it’s what they were designed for. Our bodies (the entire person with an emphasis on our physicality) are intentionally designed precisely the way they are for the work of reflecting who he is in a physical world.

The effects of body-soul dualism

The belief that the “I” is in the soul and that the body is just a shell has caused a twisted view of our body as well. When we hear “the body is for the Lord” we tend to isolate the body from the soul and think only in terms of what we do with our hands and feet and reproductive organs. But as we saw earlier in this series, whenever we talk about the body we are talking about the entire person with an emphasis on the physicality of that person.

That means that when we say “the body is for the Lord” we have to think about our entire earthly existence including our hopes, dreams, thoughts, desires, memories, plans, talents, intellect, etc. We have to broaden our view when we think about what it means that our body is for the Lord.

Our entire existence was designed from the ground up to be in service to the Lord, his ambassadors on this earth. God’s commands to love him with all our heart and set our minds on things above and make our plans according to his will are not just things he wants us to do with our earthly existence; it is what our entire being was designed for.

The only way we will ever experience fulfillment is to do what we were designed to do.

Second, because a majority of Christian men have a problem with lust, it shows that our heart truly believes that our bodies are for sex and not the Lord.

While we know with our mind that the only way we will experience fulfillment is when we do what we were designed to do, the problem is we don’t really believe that in our hearts. How do I know? Because every day we are faced with the choice between living for God and living for self-gratification. And everyday we fail.

Every time we lust it stems from a belief that our body is for sex and not the Lord. We have to infuse the truth of our purpose into our hearts. If it is in our hearts it will necessarily flow out to our bodies. It will necessarily trickle down to our hands and feet, our hopes and dreams, our thoughts and plans.

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