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Often when you give in to the temptation to lust it is easy to say, “I don’t know how that happened.”

But if you’re honest and look back at the moments before you fell, you could easily point to the first step you took towards giving in.

I have found it very helpful to make a list of the common emotions that I experience that tend to lead to a fall. That way every time I feel one of them a red flag goes up and I know to be extra strict on myself as to what situations I let myself into.

Here is a list of 6 emotions that can easily be opportunities to lust:

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I came home from a day that started off ok, not great, but ok. After being surrounded by beautiful woman after beautiful woman, billboard after billboard, my ok day had worn down to a day full of lustful indulgence. I knew I had to confess to my wife but I dreaded it. On my way home, I had crafted the perfect thing to say where it would be just enough details to be a confession but not enough to truly show how horrible I was that day.

It went ok. She was disappointed but it didn’t seem to bother her as much as previous, worse times. So I checked the box next to “confess” and moved on to be an excellent husband and father at home.

But something was still eating at me. I felt God’s spirit impressing on me that I had not really confessed everything. And that I had not confessed to all affected parties (i.e. the church body, my kids). So I went back and did what I have learned over the years is necessary for true confession. Here is a list of what you need to do to avoid shallow confession:
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Confession to other Christian men is one of the most important Gospel-powered actions you can take in your fight against lust. I briefly mentioned it in last week’s post.

I believe there are at least four powerful elements at work when you confess your lust to other men in the church. Because of these elements, confession is something you need to start doing now or you will see no real progress in your fight against lust. It takes a village to kill an idol, if you will.

The power of humiliation

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In order to kill lust you have to completely place your trust in God and hope only in him for true change.

But trusting in God does not mean you sit back and wait for him to do it; passivity does not require inactivity.

Occasionally I get confused about how to work diligently yet also trust in God every moment of my life. It seems when I am trusting God in my heart I get lazy with my hands; and when I am diligent with my hands my heart starts trusting myself instead of God.

I saw this tension most clearly when I was unemployed. I bounced between, on the one hand, working really hard to find work and trusting in my own efforts to get a job. And on the other hand, being at peace when waiting for calls and trusting in God when I couldn’t do anything else.

But this tension comes from a very small view of God’s involvement in this world and my life. Yes, God is the one working between the time I submit my resume and the time I get a call. But he is also the one who intricately designed the DNA and life experiences of both the HR representative and me that led to an agreement to work together. He is the one who holds all of the molecules in my hands together as they type resumes and emails.

Trusting in God while you work diligently means constantly acknowledging the source of your ability to work. There is a secret dialogue deep in your heart every time you act. You either say “This act will be effective because I am knowledgable, skilled, wise, and intelligent,” or “This act will be effective because God made me and made the world I act in.”

That said, let’s look at the three interrelated actions* you need to constantly be doing in order to kill sexual lust in your heart:

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There are millions of voices trying to grab your attention. You only have so much time during the day to keep up with friends and news online. It is important to you how you spend that time.

Here are four reasons you will want to carve out a few minutes of your online reading for this blog:

This blog is about one of the greatest crises facing our world today.

Lust is one of the primary direct or indirect causes for human trafficking, high divorce rates, teen pregnancy, depression, church fragmentation, and lack of male leadership in the church.

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