Four Reasons You’ll Want to Follow This Blog

October 22, 2012 — 6 Comments


There are millions of voices trying to grab your attention. You only have so much time during the day to keep up with friends and news online. It is important to you how you spend that time.

Here are four reasons you will want to carve out a few minutes of your online reading for this blog:

This blog is about one of the greatest crises facing our world today.

Lust is one of the primary direct or indirect causes for human trafficking, high divorce rates, teen pregnancy, depression, church fragmentation, and lack of male leadership in the church.

Men really like sex. They are obsessed with it. And Christian men are nowhere near immune to this obsession. A majority of Christian men frequent some form of pornography online. Those who avoid it still give in to lusting at women around them. Those who even avoid that often use their wives for self-serving, self-centered sexual pleasure. Certainly, a husband should enjoy his wife, but that enjoyment should be centered around her as he gives his entire life to her. And that giving of his life to her should be an application of giving his entire life in obedience to Christ who calls men to love their wives as He loves the church.

All Christian men daily give in to the temptation to experience some sort of sexual pleasure for their own glory. This means that even Christian men who are striving to be obedient to God with their sexuality are constantly using sex for their own glory and not God’s. Every man is lusting, including the guy who only has eyes for his wife. Every man is part of the problem even as some are striving to be part of the solution.

The current teaching from even the most Gospel-centered preachers only scratches the surface of what needs to be said.

We need to dig even deeper into the truth of the Gospel to give men the power to not only look away from lust with their eyes but with their hearts also.

This is not a jab at those preachers. They are fighting an air war that requires them to cover a broad range of issues and thus cannot devote all their time to one issue. However, since the opportunities to become enslaved by lust are far greater than perhaps any other time in history, we need to dig deeper than ever before into the relevant truths of the Gospel that empower freedom from lust.

Do we really know what it means that our bodies are members of Christ? That to join yourself to a prostitute is to become one body with her? What about what it means to be one Spirit with the Lord? Or that our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit?

We have heard these terms so many times, but I used to have a lot of trouble confidently explaining them in my own words. That means I didn’t really know what they mean.

The church needs a voice from the inside looking upward.

If all men lust, then that includes all the men preaching and writing against lust. That includes me.

Certainly there are a lot of men who have had a lot of victory in the fight against lust. They should call back to men and help them through battles they have already overcome by God’s grace. But the battle to keep your heart always directed at God above all else is a battle that no one has perfected. I will strive to be a voice that makes my weaknesses and failures transparent so the power of the Gospel is glorified, not my strength.

Everyone has a stake in the outcome of this fight

All men, women, and children have their futures deeply invested in whether or not Christian men will fight to kill lust in their hearts.

As I stated in the first reason, lust is one of the primary causes for a whole host of the world’s darkest problems. There is not a person in the world that would not benefit from the men around them killing lust and growing love for God in their hearts. On the other hand, there is not a person in the world who is not being robbed of those benefits right now because men are not killing lust.

Also, the Bible is clear that the sexually immoral will not inherit the kingdom of God (Eph. 5:5). If you are not seeking true repentance and faith continually from your sexual coveting, you should be very afraid that you will lose forever the pleasure of knowing God the source of all good things. Are you fully equipped to use the power of the Gospel to kill lust in your heart? I know, for me, that I need constant exposure to the Gospel in order to remain in the fight. Perhaps this blog will provide some of that for you.

For those of you who do not struggle with lust as much as the rest of us, you still have a stake in this fight. There are men around you who need your fervent prayer. They need you to know how to preach the Gospel to them so that it hits home to what they are desiring in their hearts. You will be held responsible for how you come alongside your brothers in Christ and strengthen them. Do you know what to say to a man who says he has tried to be satisfied by God and it just hasn’t worked? What about the man who says he has begged for God to either change his design or change his heart, anything just to not be pulled in two directions every moment of his life? Perhaps this blog will equip you to be able to give a Gospel-powered answer to these men.

Discussion Questions

What are some other reasons the church could benefit from a dedicated online community talking about God’s design for sex?


Based on what you’ve seen on here so far, what expectations do you have for this blog? What are you looking forward to getting from it?



  • InCogNito

    Discussion Question #1: Maybe then the women in the church will be safer. I was mauled at the age of 51 by a 79 year old elder of the church. I sure didn’t see that one coming. I cannot tell you how devastated I was by it, having been the victim of sexual abuse and incest from the age of 18 months. In addition to that, I was counseled to give that man a hug in church whenever he approached me, since I had “forgiven him in my heart”. No thought was given as to how it made me feel to hug him every Sunday. Good God! Even now as I write this my emotional adrenalin is raging at the insanity of men and their world of lust. Please write this blog. It is for men. It is for women, too. It is for all of us.
    Discussion Question #2: I am looking forward to the Lord revealing his Truth and fulfilling his Word as spoken in
    Luke 4:18-19, “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

  • Misery

    Dear Peter, Thanks so much for writing this blog! I’m a woman who has constant sexual lust on my mind. So does my husband although he won’t fully admit it. My story is exceedingly long but it started about 12 yrs ago with my husbands efforts
    to look online for info on how to “please” a woman. At the time I had virtually no sex drive & though we’d been married about 18 yrs & had a great relationship I could’nt bear to talk about sex openly. I was too embarrassed & was molested repeatedly from age 4-12. I was made to think & feel that a girl that likes sex or wants it is aslut & whore, even if you’re now a Christian wife. So my husbands efforts took him to the depths of depravity, he asked me to join him & even though I felt complete heartbreak, anger & betrayal I followed & willingly participated because I thought he would leave or cheat. It took me 10 yrs to get up the courage to tell him the truth. And it’s now been 2 yrs of roller coaster hell, he willingly quit porn but then I saw him checking out women right in front of me. And women everywhere dress like whores!!! I have developed such a murderous and viscous hatred for women, I can’t stand the sight of them or the sound of a female voice. I no longer enjoy going anywhere, I hate the internet, for me the (www…) stands for World Wide Whores. I know how many of those whores that do porn or put their naked pics on the web were abused but not all or even close to half. They’re just evil sluts like Jezebel an her mother. Lots of wmoenget a thrill
    by tempting men so right now, I’m so glass there’s a hell for them. I just need to overcome all this and the hatred so I don’t go there too and stop hating which I know is wrong. I’m just in massive mental misery & God can’t hear the prayers of the unrighteous. Thanks, please pray for me. God bless you.

    • Thank you for sharing your story. Sex is such a powerful gift from God that when it is distorted by sin it can be such a powerful weapon against our walk with God. But he is infinitely more powerful and he will give you strength. Hang in there. You are in my prayers.

      Also, he listened to Hagar’s prayers in Genesis 21:15-21 ( so he is not deaf to the unrighteous. Besides, in Christ you ARE righteous. Jesus intercedes for you through his righteousness.

  • Misery

    Dear Peter,
    Thank you for you’re supportive & comforting words I so appreciate them, I truly have nobody to talk to about this. However I’ve been finding resources, online ironically of all places, especially since I absolutely despise the internet. Anyway, some of it like you’re site has truly been helpful and making me feel a tiny bit less as a failure as a wife and woman. Mostly though, Porn, beautiful women (even those that dress & behave modestly) and of course the millions of slutty whores online and the daily average whore that me & my husband come in contact with just even shopping at Costco or going to a harmless fast-food place, make me feel like a worthless piece of crap compared to them & their obviously shameless behavoir. There are books all over Amazon teaching women how to seduce married men in particular. So the next time you feel lust stirring, know that she’s a
    viscious conniving whore purposely trying to hurt and rob your precious wife what should forever more be hers, and that Peter is you! None of those whores deserve attention or even the slightest glance from a worthy husband who wants to put his bride above and beyond all others. When they get you to look & desire them, they know they’ve manipulated you by playing you.If you look at them in that light then you can see that they’re filthy, ugly thieves that steal your soul cause anguish to your beloved wife that adores you. Be her Prince Charming, her brave Knight in Shining Glory of God instead of defiling yourself & betraying your true love of the gift (your wife) that God has entrusted to your care and protection, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual (not in any defined order). And if she is a
    godly woman she will do the same for you and she may just shower you withs ome of the most amazing, mind blowing, God glorified sex of your life. And none of those whores really want or care about you, they’re self serving Jezebels and
    deserve the same fate as her mother Athaliah. To have they’re beautiful bodies
    and faces torn to shreds and eaten alive by a pack of filthy dogs & then spend an
    eternity in hell where they belong. That is what I’m going to ask of my husband to do also. I too struggle with terrible lust, even though I consider myself hetero I lust after beautiful, provocative women as well as hot men. Porn has made this turn from an occasionally perverse thought to a full blown addiction that’s on mymind constantly and yet I hate it and I HATE those women that lure my husband’s thoughts and desires that are supposed to be ONLY for ME. By the way I did read that verse but it was the boy God heard not his mother, however he did speak to her, so maybe he’ll here your prayers on my behalf. Thanks again and stay strong, they might be beautiful and seductive on the outside but they’re diseased filth for your soul, like gangrene. You’re better than that.
    Consider myself hetero, I too lust after beautiful, provocative women as well as men

    • Thank you for being so transparent here. I would encourage you to make sure that you do not replace lust for men and women with a hatred for those men and women. Yes, they deserve hell but so do you and me; and equally so. Jesus had incredible compassion toward prostitutes and still does. I recommend instead of keeping yourself from lusting by thinking about how ugly they are on the inside, try praying something like this instead: “God please show them your true and better identity, beauty, and love. And please show me too.”

      Hang in there. Keep fighting. You are righteous if you belief in Jesus as Lord and Savior and he will hear your prayers if you confess your sins and seek repentance diligently.

  • Misery

    Peter, Sorry my previous posts have so many errors I’m typing on a mobile phone & it’s difficult to proofread or edit before posting. Really, I do spell well and know proper grammar. Lol