Where Did God Get the Idea for Sex?

October 30, 2012 — 1 Comment


God’s ideas for everything he creates are based on himself and himself alone.

Even the idea for sex comes from the joy experienced by the Father and Son as they glorified each other for eternity past.

But there are obvious differences between the unity of the Father and Son compared to a husband and wife. So where did he get the idea for the physical embrace and “going in”?

It is symbolic. The physicality of making love reflects the relationship of the Father and Son symbolically. It is a mystery why he chose to symbolize the joy of the Trinity in precisely this way. But he did. In fact, it is not the only picture of joy through unity in the universe. The entire universe is filled with pictures of joy or new life through unity:

  • Sun and water give life to plants
  • Bees and flowers make honey
  • Sunlight and water droplets make rainbows
  • Food and water give us life
  • Complimentary colors make beautiful art
  • Harmonizing notes make beautiful music
  • Watermelon and green tea together prevent prostate cancer

There are countless examples. You can tell from his art that God loves beauty through unity. He loves creating joy through unity. He loves creating new life through unity. He is a God that loves when things become one. Since man and woman are the crown jewel of his creation, it makes sense that he delights in their unity as well. It makes sense that he would make their unity the most beautiful, joyful, life-giving unity of all creation.

All creation has refractions of joy through unity shining through it. But by far the most resounding echo of divine unity is the orgasmic delight of man and wife. A delight so powerful and deep that an entirely new human being often comes as a result; just like the delight between Father and Son resulted in the creation of the very good universe. In the marital lying down together, there is a retelling of the cosmic drama.

But sex does even more than display the unity of the Trinity.

There are at least two other relationships that the act of making love is symbolic of:

Sex symbolizes the entire relationship between husband and wife

The embrace and the “going in” are things that are done in the entire relationship, not just in love making.

A husband not only embraces his wife’s body but also her future, her dreams, her personality, her flaws. He embraces her failures and victories. He embraces her fears and insecurities causing them to disappear. He embraces everything about her. Sex is a powerful expression of this holistic embrace.

A husband not only goes into his wife but he also enters into her domain. He doesn’t just embrace her but he also enters into her future, dreams, personality, flaws. He doesn’t just embrace her whole life but he enters it and becomes an integral part of it, of her.

Sex symbolizes the future consummation of the marriage between Christ and the Church

It symbolizes both the physical pleasures of heaven as well as the entire relationship the Church will have with Jesus Christ.

I have spent a lot of time trying to find out from scripture and reasoning what the physical intimacy between Jesus and the Church will be like. Sex must be a foretaste of a physical intimacy and not just a spiritual or relational intimacy. But obviously it won’t be a sexual intimacy.

I have come to the conclusion that it is one of the mysteries of heaven that we will just have to wait and see for ourselves. Honestly, the biblical idea of not having sex in heaven is one of the hardest things for me to accept and rejoice in. Some people have a hard time loving God because “bad things happen to good people.” But I have a much harder time with a sexless heaven. How can I worship a God who is sending me to an eternal abstinence?

But God is not sending us to an eternal abstinence!

Something better than sex is awaiting us. Something comparable yet incomparably greater than sex.

Sex is just a shadow of the heavenly reality. Think about it. A shadow. Think of a tree in the fall with vibrant colors and then think of its shadow. How does the shadow compare? Also, think about the fact that you likely no longer think that toys and candy are the greatest things known to man. But you probably thought that as a kid. Likewise, you will grow out of your desire for sex to enjoy something better.

The best is yet to come! The final fulfillment of what God was thinking when he created sex is coming for you if you believe. And it’s possible because of the sacrifice Jesus made. He not only lived his whole earthly life abstaining from sex, he also gave up the holistic intimacy he had with the Father, of which sex is just a shadow. He gave up the pleasure that sex was based off of so that you could have hope to one day experience something even greater than sex. See his great love for you and believe!

God, help our unbelief!

Discussion Questions

How does seeing the symbolism of sex help your fight against lust?