What is Sexual Immorality?

November 6, 2012 — Leave a comment


Sexual immorality is anything you do in order to get any kind of sexual pleasure from someone who is not your spouse.

By far the most common way men commit sexual immorality today is by simply enjoying the beauty of a woman who is not his spouse for the sake of comfort, exhilaration, or reward.

Or in other words, the most common form is lust. In marriage, God designed the beauty of a wife to be incredibly beneficial to her husband. Intimate love making is not only physically pleasing but also profoundly comforting, exhilarating, and rewarding. Even just coming home after a long day and beholding his wife’s form can do wonders for comforting a husband. But the comfort is not only designed to be from her beauty but also from their life long commitment to love each other. She is his. And he is hers. And no one else’s.

Why does God care so much about us finding pleasure in the right ways? If we decide to settle for a shallower pleasure why does that make him so angry? Aren’t we only hurting ourselves? Keep reading…

We don’t say it’s sexually unethical but rather immoral because it vandalizes God’s image in creation

Imagine you are famous and you have this one photo circulating the web and magazines and what not that just makes you look absolutely incredible. It portrays your personality perfectly. You look strong but kind. Smart but humble. Funny but sensitive. Loyal.

Now imagine that someone photoshops the image to make you look angry, arrogant, and foolish and adds the caption, “The real photo before it was photoshopped.” Now people think that is who you really are. Now everywhere you go people either laugh or glare at you. How does that make you feel?

See, God made man and woman in his image. Together, especially in marriage, we see his personality. We are supposed to reflect who he is to the world. But when we go against his design it communicates something very untrue about him. When we are faithless it makes him look faithless. When we use others for our own good without their regard it looks like he is someone who does the same.

Lust communicates grievous untruths about who God is and frankly, that pisses him off. So much so that he demands an eternal punishment for doing it. Don’t miss that. We hear it a lot. But think about it. He demands an eternal punishment for lust.

Remember, brothers, the Eternal Son endured that punishment for you. Now live free from lust. Free from sexual immorality.