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The following series are the heart of the From Lust to Love ministry. The Christian world is filled with information on how to setup barriers to temptation and how to function in accountability groups.

But there is a large gap in information as far as how God’s design for our sexuality is actually better than any fantasy we could entertain.

Read the series posts below to find out what how God’s promises are better than lust’s:

Little Known Truths About the Christian’s Body

What does it mean to have a body? Does God care about my body or just my soul? Is my body being sanctified or just my soul? If our body is going to be resurrected then why work so hard to take care of it now?

Check out some of the answers to these questions below.


The Lust Killing Gospel: 6 Aspects of the Gospel that Overpower Our Desire to Lust

In 1 Corinthians 6:12-20 alone there are six different aspects of the Gospel that Paul stacks together to motivate the sex-crazed Corinthians to flee sexual immorality. We will take a close look at those in this series.


Upcoming series…

Growing in Self Control

The Bible talks very highly of those who have self control and commands that all seek this trait. But if it is a fruit of the Spirit and not of our own efforts then how are we to be intentional about growing in self control? How do we not just sit back and wait for it to come someday, when we need it now? Read this upcoming series to find out.

How to Look Forward to a Heaven Without Marriage or Sex

As we talked about in this post, sometimes the "heaven" of lust can sound far more appealing than the true heaven God has for us. In fact, that’s all a fantasy is: imagining yourself in your idea of heaven. How can we truly be convinced of the fact that the true heaven without marriage or sex is going to be better than any heaven we could imagine? Read this upcoming series to find out.

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