Getting Through the Spiritual Equivalent of Writer’s Block

February 18, 2013 — 2 Comments

Christian spiritual writer's block

Stop freaking out!


Stop wondering if you’re reading enough, praying enough, confessing enough, serving enough… After all these things you still feel disconnected right? You still feel dry in your relationship with God? You’re still wondering why on earth you’re still not satisfied by Him and Him alone?

Just stop freaking out about it!

The most important thing you need to realize right now is that the command to be filled with the Spirit is actively passive.

Do you know what the best advice for writer’s block is?

I read a lot of blogs about writing and blogging to perfect my craft. And they all say the same thing about writer’s block.

“Do the work and then take long breaks.”

Do the research, make outlines, free write, brainstorm, study… And then just let it go. Do something else and don’t think about it. And you know what will happen? The right words will come to you when you’re not working on it at all.

In other words, be actively passive in your writing.

I have found that the same goes for your relationship with God. Be actively passive in your satisfaction with God.

Read the word, meditate on it, pray, confess, meet with others in the church, serve… Do this without worrying about it’s effect on your relationship with God.

And then just leave it all and do something that actively relaxes you by yourself. Just enjoy creation without worrying or thinking about your spiritual disciplines at all.

Go on a hike. Build something. Destroy something. Fix something. Or listen to music with your eyes closed or while dancing. Watch a great movie or TV show (without commercials or temptations; that’ll kill it). Whatever it is that actively relaxes you and gets your mind to stop spinning.

Go do that and just acknowledge God’s presence. Just be on the look out for things that reflect his character. Don’t force it. Just be aware.

And you know what will happen? You will be filled with the Spirit. Eventually.

Maybe not right away and maybe not every time, but it will happen. The Spirit will fill you with a pleasure in God so rich and filling that you’ll wonder why you ever doubted his pleasantness.

I’ve been doing this for a while. And today is the day it happened for me. But you know what? It took about 6 times over the last few weeks of pursuing these actively relaxing activities. So it is not some magical spell to cast on yourself to fix all your God-relationship problems.

But God knows precisely when you need an experience of his presence. You just have to make yourself ready for it by actively passively pursuing it.

Got it? Did you stop freaking out?

Ok. Good.

Go be actively passively filled with the Spirit. Practice all the spiritual disciplines, especially the discipline of relaxing.


God please help my readers to stop freaking out about their spiritual disciplines. Help them to make the time to pursue you and the time to let you pursue them. Thank you so much that it was you who pursued us first. Thank you for not letting us continue in our blind pursuit of lesser pleasures. Please renew our joy in you. Fill us more and more with your eternally deep and joyous Spirit.

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  • John Doyel

    Great post Peter. People who freak out about their disciplines are probably still trying to gain their Father’s love instead of resting in what He has so freely given us.

    • Thanks, John. I think you’re right. And I catch myself slipping back into that all the time.