Back in February of this year I said I was taking a month off of blogging. It is now September and I don’t think I am anywhere close to coming back.

I learned shortly before announcing my sabbatical that my wife had an online affair with a guy thousands of miles away. Since then I have tried to work things out with her but unfortunately she just wants to end things all together. I cannot go into further detail than that right now. I covet your prayers. Especially for her salvation and repentance and the well-being of our two young children.

Grace and Peace,
Peter Daniel James



  • Abbott

    I could quote bible verses for you: 1John 1:9, Ps 51:10-12 and a whole lot of other verses. I could tell you everything you’ve mentioned in your blog.
    Ultimately, it is only God that can save us from sin. I would however, pray that God sustains and uphold you and yours during this “time”. I pray that He makes His dwelling place in your hearts, your home and your house. I pray that the stronghold of lust be utterly dismantled and its grip upon you be loosened in Jesus name and you be set free.
    If the Lord does not build the house, they build in vain that build it….
    Only the Eternal God can turn impossible situations around and do the impossible. It is when we are at our wit’s end that He comes in and makes a miracle of our life. Your marriage is definitely not difficult for Him. He will build your broken home back for you again.
    Keep your focus on Him. Always find your way back to Him. Always. God bless you and keep you and your house.

    • Peter Daniel James

      Thank you for the encouragement. I am confident that this hardship will be for the good of my wife and I.

      • Abbott


  • Alex

    Wow Peter I didn’t know this was going on. I remember being in group with you and looking up to you as a great example of someone trying so hard to follow Christ. I am confident you are even stronger in Christ now than you were before. God bless and keep running the race.

    • Peter Daniel James

      Thanks for the encouragement, Alex. I know God is working something very good through all of this. I hope all is well with you. Thanks for stopping by the site. Hopefully someday I’ll pick it up again

  • kb

    I only just stumbled upon this blog. I really hope things are going well with you now…and I hope God has sustained you through the hardships. Your posts have been and continue to be a blessing to others…I learnt a lot from them. Hopefully you have the strength and inspiration to continue. Peace be upon you.

    • Peter Daniel James

      Thank you for the kind words. I’ve been doing well. I’m very glad that these posts have helped you. I hope to return to writing for the blog not too long from now.